Bidding Guide

  1. The page with the list of stallions does NOT refresh until the auction is over.  To see new bids and to see if horses are Extended, refresh the page.
  2. Place any stallions you are bidding on or watching on your Favorites list to make it easy to see only them.
  3. The stallion bidding page WILL refresh anytime a bid is made within the last 5 minutes.  A good strategy is to open the stallion bidding page in a new tab to easily keep track of them.
  4. There is NO advantage to waiting until the last second to bid!  The Extended Bidding removes that aspect of the auction so everyone has an opportunity to bid, just like a live auction.

More Information can be found below.

Registration for Each Auction

You must register to bid in both the Race Auction and the Barrel Auction if you plan on bidding in both auctions.  You must register to bid with a valid email address.  After registration, you will recieve an email to confirm your account creation.  Your account is disabled until you click on the link in the email to activate it.

Credit Card Required

This auction requires a credit card to bid, please enter your credit card information.  This information is encrypted and kept securely and can/will be used for payment.


Click the Add to Favorites button to add stallions to your list of Favorites.  Click the Favorites button at the top to view ONLY your Favorite Stallions.  Then to see all, click the View All Stallions button.

Maximum Bidding

You can enter a Maximum Bid at any time just like eBay.  Your increasing bids will be made automatically whenever you are outbid until the maximum bid is reached.  You will receive an email anytime Maximum Bidding takes effect.  Also your maximum bid will be listed so you can easily see your current status.

Winning the Bid

You must bid MORE than any other bidder's maximum bid by the minimum bid increment to have the winning the bid. 
Example:  The Minimum Bid Increment is $100.  Bidder #1 has a Max Bid of $2000.  Bidder #2 must bid at least $2100 to be the winning bidder.

You will be outbid when your bid is not high enough over another bidder's Maximum Bid.

You will be outbid when your bid is the SAME as another bidders Maximum Bid since theirs was bid first.  Your bid will be accepted, however, you will still be outbid.

Extended/No Rush Bidding

When a bid comes in within the last 5 minutes, that stallion's auction will be extended an additional 5 minutes.  This extended bidding will continue as long as there are bids coming in.  This eliminates trying to get your bid in at the very last second and allows everyone a chance to bid. Stallions that are extended will display their own countdown clock.

Email Notifications

You will receive emails when registering, bidding, being out bid, when you won and if you buy a horse after the auction concludes. Be sure to mark the emails as NOT SPAM so you see them as they come in. Also, PLEASE do not count on emails for bid notifications as emails can be delayed for many, many reasons! Logging in and refreshing the pages are the keys to keeping track of all the bids!

Bid Notifications

There are a few ways you are kept up to date on your bids. After your successful bid, the stallion you bid on will have a different color border. It will also say whether you have the winning bid, or if you have been out bid. Plus, you will receive an email with your bid information.

Remember, if your bid is not high enough above another bidders Maximum Bid, your bid will be accepted, but you will still be out bid until your bid is more than the other bidder's Maximum Bid.

TQHA Refund Policy

If you have made a purchase in error, please contact TQHA immediately for a full refund. 512-458-5202

Refunds will not be issued after 24 hours of initial transaction.

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